Democratic presidential primary debate, 8 pm October 15. Invited to the debate are: Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O'Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang.

Oakland County Democratic Party monthly meeting and debate watch party on Tuesday, October 15th! The meeting will be held at 6:30pm at Dick O'Dows Irish Public House, located at 160 W. Maple Road, Birmingham, MI 48009. This meeting will be focused specifically on approving the OCDP annual budget. At 8:00pm, we will watch the fourth Democratic presidential debate. $20 donation to cover the cost of food and refreshments during the debate. We hope to see you there!

WBLDEMS MEETING. Tuesday, October 15, 2019. refreshments 6:45. meeting begins at 7:00. Debbie Binder, West Bloomfied Township Clerk, will speak on the new voting procedures. Mezza Grille. 4189 Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield Township, MI 48323.

People's Detroit Presidential Forum for Economic, Immigrant and Racial Justice, Sunday, October 20th, 2019 at Cobo Center in Detroit. We have confirmed Julian Castro, who has committed to attend the Forum and MSNBC, who will cover it. We are meeting with Bernie Sanders and going to move toward the confirmation of all candidates. CLICK HERE to register for the Detroit Presidential Forum at TCF Center (Formerly Cobo Hall) on October 20th, 2019.

Hate Speech versus Free Speech. A mock trial. Friday October 25, 2019, 1-3 pm. Adat Shalom Synagogue.29901 Middlebelt Road, Farmington Hills, Mi.

PRECINCT DELEGATE ORIENTATION & TRAINING. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2019 6:30 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. 555 Horace Brown Drive, 2nd Floor, Madison Heights MI 48071. REGISTER by email to

59th Annual Phil Hart Dinner. Saturday November 16, 2019. Detroit Marriott Troy. 200 W Big Beaver Road, Troy, Mi. Reception 5:30 pm, Dinner 7 pm. For more info contact

WBLDEMS ELECTION MEETING. Tuesday, November 19, 2019. WBLDEMS elections for officers and board members. In order to run and to vote for our new executive committee, EVERYONE must be a WBL Club member for at least 30 days prior to November 19. You must also be a member of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) for at least 30 days prior to November 19. More info at meetings.

The West Bloomfield/Lakes Area Democratic Club is on FACEBOOK.. Join Us!


Candidate or Policies don't matter. Allan Lichtman's 13 keys to winning the Presidency: (The incumbent is the party of the siting President) 1.Incumbent party holds majority in the US House of Representatives. 2 No incumbent Primary Contest. 3.Incumbent candidate is the sitting President. 4. No third party. 5. Good Short-term economy. 6. Good Long-term economy. 7. Policy changes. 8. No social unrest. 9. No scandal. 10. No foreign/military failure. 11. Foreign/military success. 12. Incumbent candidate charisma. 13. No challenger candidate charisma. When the answers to five or fewer of these keys are false, the incumbent party wins. When six or more are false, the challenging party wins. More here.

Big Pharma CEO: 'We're in Business of Shareholder Profit, Not Helping The Sick'. Last July, Turing Pharmaceuticals' CEO Martin Shkreli became a lightning rod for growing outrage over soaring prescription drug prices after he raised the price of a newly-acquired drug from $13.50 to $750. But Shkreli, who earned the title 'the most hated man in America,' is not the only one acquiring drugs currently on the market to raise their price and, in turn, rapidly drive up their stock price. More here

During the 2015-2016 election season, Ukrainian-born billionaire Leonard Blavatnik contributed $6.35 million to leading Republican candidates and incumbent senators. High dollar recipients of funding from Blavatnik were PACS representing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at $1.1 million, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham at $800,000, Ohio Governor John Kasich at $250,000 and Arizona Senator John McCain at $200,000. Blavatnik also donated $1 million to the Trump Inaugural Committee. Articles here and here.

A Memoir From Hell: Samantha Power, Ambassador to the U.N. from 2013 to 2017, Will Do Anything for Human Rights Unless It Hurts Her Career. When talking about U.S. foreign policy, Republicans use transparent lies that insult the intelligence of every American. By contrast, Democrats respect their fellow citizens enough to tell more complex lies, ones that sound plausible as long as you don't think about them for more than three seconds. Power's book hews strongly to this tradition. More at theintercept.

The Republican Devolution - Partisanship and the Decline of American Governance. The radicalism of the GOP means that it is not longer a conventional conservative party. It is an "antisystem party" - one that seeks to foment tribalism, distort elections, and subvert political institutions and norms. These tendencies appeared well before Trump, and have grown stronger under his presidency. At


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I have posted a number of e mails over the course of the last three years describing tRUMP's multifaceted mental impairments. I don't recall, however, such clear evidence of his disability as yesterday's tweet. In that tweet he referred to his "great and unmatched wisdom." In the same tweet he said that if Turkey does something off limits he would, "totally destroy and obliderate the economy of Turkey (I've done it before!)" No one, whether supporter or opponent has any idea what he is talking about when he says that he destroyed Turkey's economy before. This is some sort of weird delusion. Who talks like this? Only a madman. There is no doubt that Republicans know that tRUMP is a madman. By not speaking out they are complicit in allowing a mentally disabled person run (or should I say ruin) our country. Pence has the power to initiate removal pursuant to the 25th amendment. He won't do it. But history will put tRUMP in the same class as King George III. a madman. Hopefully his reign of madness will end soon. Richard

The last 24 hours may be the most bizarre in all of tRUMP's presidency. And that's a very low bar. Read Bizarroworld from Richard at wbldems.blogspot.

I've seen incredibly excited, hard working, dedicated members get turned off by the rule-breaking, the establishment culture, the wall of social, cultural, and systemic inertia, and leave. They tried to work with the Democratic Party, but the Democratic Party isn't democratic. They notice when their vote doesn't matter because the system is rigged to favor the establishment. Some of them were alternates, traveled long distances to State Central meetings, and watched people not from their district cast their district's vote. These are our natural allies. We're driving them away from the Party. See article here.

It is necessary to identify and define corporate Democrats. The working class has one of 2 choices: the reactionary Republican party or the corporate based Democratic Party. Because the choice is so troublesome, I say we have been fighting a rear guard action until Bernie broke through the control and energized the progressive base of the party, uniting all who have been left out. A corporate Democrat accepts the history of choosing the lesser of 2 evils and bowing to the demands of big money donors. That includes all candidates except Bernie. More from Ron at wbldems.blogspot.

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We welcome all citizens of this area to come to our club meetings.

Tuesday October 15 , 2019


Jonathan Cohn, of the Huffington Post, on the "Healthcare Crisis"

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