Close The Camps Coalition Rally. Location: Holocaust Memorial Center, Tuesday August 20 from 5-7 PM. We will gather to protest against the immigration detention camps on our southern border and the private, for-profit prisons housing tens of thousands of refugees and immigrants, INCLUDING HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN, ALONE, SEPARATED FROM FAMILIES.

Aug. 21 – Presentation on Ranked Choice Voting/Instant Runoff Voting. Wed., Aug. 21 at 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Open to the Public. Free. Refreshments. Presented by the Oakland Greens. Oak Park Community Center, 14300 Oak Park Blvd. just west of Coolidge. More info here.

MDP Webinar Trainings. Click this link and sign up for as many as you'd like. Tuesday, August 20th at 7PM - VAN/Data 201 - how to use the Voter Activation Network (VAN), Wednesday, August 21st at 2PM - Digital Organizing and Party Branding, Thursday, August 22nd at 2PM - Treasurer/Compliance 101, Tuesday, August 27th at 2PM - Party 101- introduction to the party process and structure, Tuesday, August 27th at 3PM - Growing Your Local Party, Wednesday, August 28th at 7PM - Running for Local Office.

WBLDEMS MEETING. Tuesday, August 20, 2019. refreshments 6:45. meeting begins at 7:00.Featuring two FBI Agents who will be presenting on the various Election Crime and Hate Crime statutes that are available to federally prosecute criminals, the elements of those crimes and to provide examples of what those crimes look like in our community. In addition, they will discuss what the FBI Detroit Field Office does when receiving a complaint. Mezza Grille. 4189 Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield Township, MI 48323.

Leadership Lunch. August 22nd, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Michigan United Detroit. 4405 Wesson Street, Detroit, MI 48210. We will focus on Michigan United's biggest event ever: The Presidential Forum For Economic, Immigrant & Racial Justice on October 20.See RSVP here
The West Bloomfield/Lakes Area Democratic Club is on FACEBOOK.. Join Us!


'I Believe in Capitalism': Kamala Harris Courts Big Donors in the Hamptons. Harris, Biden, Buttigieg mingle with elite for money boost. Progressives Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders notably absent. Article here.

As Warren and Sanders Swiftly Condemned Israel for Barring Congresswomen, Pelosi and Biden Hesitated. Full article here.

Tea Party Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh Apologizes For Helping Elect 'Unfit Con Man' Trump. Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), the conservative talk-show host and prominent "tea party" figure, on Wednesday called President Donald Trump an "unfit conman" and a "racial arsonist" and urged a primary challenge for the Republican nomination next year. More here.

Robert Mueller testimony on Trump and Russia: Devastating facts that point to impeachment. Who could have imagined working with a foreign foe to attack an election? Halting delivery aside, Mueller nailed Trump's intolerable misconduct. At

Establishment Democrats Shill for Fossil Fuel Industry. Tom Perez and other establishment Democrats are against a climate change debate because of their big dollar donors in the fossil fuel industry. Why do I believe that? Because they take their money. More at

Young Metro Detroit Jews & Allies Ask Rep. Haley Stevens to #SkipTheTrip. For decades, AIPAC has been taking every Freshman Congressperson to Israel during their first August recess. This year, for the first time, Freshman Congresspeople are publicly rejecting AIPAC's offer. Haley Stevens is the only Freshman Congressmember from Michigan attending the AIPAC trip. More here.

Brenda Lawrence Supports Impeachment. The Trump Administration is challenging the power of a separate, yet equal branch of government, a precedent established by our Founding Fathers centuries ago. The House of Representatives has been hard at work in the 116th Congress passing landmark legislation, but President Trump continues to stand in the way of conducting meaningful oversight of his administration. I believe that we must launch an impeachment inquiry to fulfill our constitutional duties. No one is above the law, not even the President. More from Congresswoman Lawrence here.

With antisemitism on the rise, criticism of Israel fuels political charges of hate. There is also a separate fight over antisemitism, one that is largely political. It equates rhetoric that some deem as insensitive with antisemitism and questions, along partisan lines, whether criticism of Israel's treatment of Palestinians under its control is fair. And it sees Republicans smearing Democrats with claims of antisemitism, even in cases where there is little or no evidence to back it up. At

The False Debate Over Socialism in the US. During my business career I learned how misleading the labels "socialism" and "capitalism" are. All modern economies are a mix of both, and the U.S. is about as socialist as everybody else. When we argue socialism vs. capitalism in the context of the U.S. we're pretty much arguing whether to turn the thermostat up or down, not whether we should rip out the furnace. My observation is Western countries tend to have as much socialism as they can afford. When the bill gets too high, they dial it back. The real issue is what our tax money is spent on. See the full article in Newsweek.

Nancy Pelosi Has Chosen Her War, and It's With Her Own Party's Future. It is time for liberals and leftists who lambast Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to admit to themselves that the hippie-punching Pelosi has become a Trump enabler too. Full article here.

Donald Trump hates democratic socialism because it benefits working people, but he loves corporate socialism that enriches billionaires. See Bernie Sanders video here.


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If Bibi wins, he plans to pass a law banning his own indictment on corruption, and then, when Israel's Supreme Court strikes down that law as illegal, he plans to get the Knesset to pass another law making the Supreme Court subservient to his Parliament. I am not making this up. Israel will become a Jewish banana republic. If and when that happens, every synagogue, every campus Hillel, every Jewish institution, every friend of Israel will have to ask: Can I support such an Israel? It will tear apart the entire pro-Israel community and every synagogue and Jewish Federation. Thomas Friedman, "If you think Trump is helping Israel, you're a fool." Linda

My son Jed wrote this plea to the Democratic presidential candidates not gaining traction. See letter at wbldems.blogspot

How do we talk to our friends who support Trump? We want to believe that our friends support Trump despite, not because of, his racism and anti-Semitism. More from Shelly at wbldems.blogspot.

If Democrats nominate a centrist, moderate or establishment type, that's what the election will be about. Trump and Republicans constantly on the attack, the Democratic candidate constantly on the defensive. Trump will lie like he's never lied before to win.The left won't turn out in numbers because there's nothing to vote for, only someone to vote against. Tanya

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