OCDP PARTY. To those celebrating we wish you a Happy Hanukkah! Continuing with the holiday spirit we hope you will join us for a holiday open house at our office on December 18th from 6:00pm-8:00pm. We will be conducting a food drive for Oakland County Lighthouse. THE MOST CRITICALLY NEEDED ITEMS AT THIS TIME ARE: Personal Items Peanut Butter & Jelly Cereal Pasta & Pasta Sauce Canned Stews Our office is located at 17100 W. 12 Mile in Southfield. Light appetizers and beverages will be provided.

JANUARY WBLDEMS MEETING. TUESDAY JANUARY 16, 2018. NOTE: Change of day. refreshments 6:45. meeting begins at 7:00. The meeting will be at the West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Building Room #102. More info at Meetings

Join the OCDP every Wednesday night for a Project 83 Canvass. We will be meeting at our office located at 17100 W. 12 Mile Rd. Southfield from 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. We will be out talking and listening to voters all over Oakland County. Project 83 is the MDP's blueprint to refocus, retrain & rebuild our organization so we're connecting with the voters of all 83 counties in our state. Fill out this form and let us know if you can join us!

Join our Meetup "Please join us as we modernize our methods and make it easier for local progressives and Democrats to meet, socialize, and share our values." Go to

The West Bloomfield/Lakes Area Democratic Club is on FACEBOOK.. Join Us!


Change or Lose. Since the late 1940's the MDP has largely been a party controlled by organized labor. When decisions are made for party leadership positions, from chairman on down to congressional caucus elections for state central and caucus leadership, the unions hold a powerful influence over results. I would argue that this is a losing formula for the MDP. We have to connect with and invite into the party individuals who don't represent the traditional labor oriented constituencies. Scott Craig. SCC Delegate 14th Congressional District. Former President of the Northville Dems. More here

Robert Reich: How Clinton and Obama Failed to Defend the Middle Class. I think that the party is nothing. The Democratic Party - there's no there, there. It's just a big fundraising machinery. Its failure to fix the economy helped Donald Trump win the White House. The real energy, the core, the heart of the Democratic Party is at the grassroots. It's bubbling up right now. It's this resistance to Donald Trump. It's people who are committed to single-payer, committed to getting big money out of politics, committed to many things that Bernie Sanders instigated. More here

A Historic Tax Heist DEC. 2, 2017 . Early Saturday morning, the Senate passed a tax bill confirming that the Republican leaders' primary goal is to enrich the country's elite at the expense of everybody else, including future generations who will end up bearing the cost. The bill is expected to add more than $1.4 trillion to the federal deficit over the next decade, a debt that will be paid by the poor and middle class in future tax increases and spending cuts to Medicare, Social Security and other government programs. Article at

What If America Hadn't Done the Dumbest Things Imaginable After 9/11? U.S. policies have left the Middle East in chaos: perhaps a milliondead, Iran empowered, and radical Islamists resurgent. Meanwhile, this country has become a garrison state, forever at war. Full article here

JOIN INDIVISIBLE. Our mission is to fuel a progressive grassroots network of local groups to resist the Trump Agenda. We have just one weekly to-do for you this week: defeat the #TrumpTaxScam. Go to

The Michigan Democratic Party State Central Committee seems intent on driving away new and younger Democrats. Instead of rebuffing new ideas and people, welcome them in, hear their voices, and make the changes needed to strengthen our Party. If you're hanging onto power simply for power's sake, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. At

Michigan anti-gerrymandering group defies odds with 2018 ballot drive. An all-volunteer group of activists has defied the odds by collecting hundreds of thousands of voter signatures for a 2018 initiative to overhaul redistricting in Michigan - without having to pay a dime for a signature. At Also go to

Corporatist Files to Run for Michigan Attorney General - as a Democrat. Patrick Miles, a former federal prosecutor for the west side of Michigan, recently announced his intention to run for AG. Miles should be familiar with our state's needs, but his record bears remarkable resemblance to Schuette's. More at


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Doug Jones' victory. I can't explain how I feel right now. It's like the shackles of southern racism, bigotry and hatred of days old are finally falling off! I believe the forefathers of the civil rights movement would be and are so proud right now. Khary Penebaker

More on the tax bill. The house and senate are trying to get this done in the next 10 days. Now is the time to hit the phones and emails. We can still do it. We need only one or two Senators. More from Richard Lenter at

In the free press today an article said that Snyder will not appoint anyone to fill Conyers' seat for 11 months! He claims it will save a lot of $$$ not to hold a special election. I suggest we democrats with a brain and backbone raise enough $$ to hold the special election and then he will not be able to wait. I rest my case with regards to Franken! It was merely for political expediency that the stupid democrats did what they did and it blew up in their faces! So we now have lost another wonderful vote and person. Jan

Al Franken, one of the most powerful voices in the Senate for women's rights as been taken down by a woman closely associated with Fox News! Like a flock of sheep, those facing an existential battle for democracy against the tyranny of the right have ousted one of their strongest warriors! The senate is supposed to be a deliberative body, so what was the hurry? What was the purpose of an immediate resignation? How was that good for our country? Kissing can be offensive and groping a flak jacket is not funny, but giving up a senate vote in a crisis for the economy and the soul of our country defies all logic! Al Halper

Friends I suggest that if you haven't already done so you sign on to the 'need to impeach' movement. All that's needed is first name, last name, email, zip code. Click on Jim Gualdoni Wolverine Lake

This debacle of a tax bill (500 pages not read by most or all of the senators), voted on in a mad rush to screw the American people. Shame on all Republicans who have put a knife in the backs of the middle class and poor. Lisa Murkowski, John McCain Jeff Flake are the worst hypocrites. May they all be voted out of office. The NYT minces no words in its scathing rebuke of the damage they will do to the American people. Linda Samelson

The dotard wears everyone out. As the NYT points out he averages five lies a day. The attached editorial brings to mind some, but not nearly all of the terrible things Chump ha done. I wanted to share this piece as a frame of reference. More to follow.At Richard Lenter

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We welcome all citizens of this area to come to our club meetings.

Tuesday January 16 , 2018

WBLDEMS Holiday Party
December 13, 2017

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