West Bloomfield/Lakes Area Democratic Club 2016 Officers:

Chair: Jonathan Warshay, chairman@wbldems.info

Vice Chair: Howard Lederman, vice-chair@wbldems.info

Recording Secretary: Lisa Riedel, recording@wbldems.info

Treasurer: Muhommed Hussain, treasurer@wbldems.info

Corresponding Secretary: Al Halper, corresponding@wbldems.info

Members At Large:
Membership Committee: Janet Halper, membership@wbldems.info
                                           Jean Fox, membership@wbldems.info

Program Committee: Patricia Campbell, program@wbldems.info
                                     Linda Samelson, program@wbldems.info

Local Elections Committee: Jeff Kaplan, local-elections@wbldems.info

County Elections Committee: Howard Lederman, county-elections@wbldems.info

Social Committee: Annette Rosen, social@wbldems.info

Precinct Organization Training Committee: John Erich, precinct@wbldems.info

Social Media: Natasha Vassallo, social-media@wbldems.info

Website Administrator: Sheldon Wolberg, info@wbldems.info

Nominating Committee:
Sam & Barby Reider, Eldon Martin, Robert Toliver, Al Halper, (Jeff Kaplan)

The West Bloomfield/Lakes Democratic Club has decided to broaden its mission for the upcoming elections. We need your help to support Democrats running for every political office on our ballot in this 2018 election cycle. Please join us in our attempt to stem the tidal wave of money that has destroyed our schools, our cities, our small businesses, our civility and our optimism for the future.

We must consider how we can impact every school Board election, every local election, every county election, and every state election. We must protect the few Democrats who still hold elective office in our state and encourage professional people of good will and good experience to run for office. We are looking for workers and leaders to join us in this expanded mission.

Our Annual Picnic usually draws a large number of elected officials and candidates for office. We urge you to join them and us - get into the discussion.